mice and men strip 1 Only 3 pics tho.

mice and men strip 1 Only 3 pics tho.

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  • George and Lennie have fled from Weed, California, and now are in desperate need for a job to get money.
  • We have been on the lamb for a while now, Lennie. We gotta find us a job.
  • George and Lennie have arrived at a farm, their new job. Two workers, named Candy and Slim show them around.
  • Welcome guys. You two should know what to do, just stay out of Curly's way!
  • No sir, Lennie here is just not that bright.
  • Curley, the boss' son, gives Lennie a hard time for being cognitively challenged, but George won't stand for it.
  • What's up with you, Smalls? And you, Milton, are you taking his pay, with you taking him around everywhere?
  • Curley disappears, while his talkative new wife steps in.
  • Curley gives Lennie a hard time for being cognitively challenged, but George won't stand for it.
  • I reckon he just left.
  • Pretty hair...
  • Hiya boys! Im Curley's wife. Have y'all seen him anywhere- I just cant find him!
  • Slim's dog gave birth to some puppies. Lennie loves furry animals, so Slim wants to reward him from his hard work.
  • Yay! It is so cute. Thank you Slim!
  • Here ya go Lennie, congrats.
  • Carlson, another worker, has been urging Candy to kill his old dog. Candy is not ready to sacrifice him.
  • Why is Carlson acting like this dog means nothing to Candy!?
  • Candy, he's gotta go. You know that.
  • No no, he can wait! I love him, I love him so much.
  • Carlson's pressure gets to Candy, and Candy hesistantly agrees for his dog to be euthanized by Carlson.
  • Can't wait. And imagine, all those furry rabbits!
  • Later that sad night, after working, Lenny and George have a talk about their dreams in the bunk house.
  • Lennie, once we get a stake, we are gonna live of the fatta' the land.
  • Next morning, Candy has heard about George and Lennie's plan. The two allow him to join in.
  • That ain't a bad idea there, Candy.
  • Listen, I got me some money saved up. We could all get outta this crazy place and live ourselves.
  • Don't touch him Lennie!!!
  • Curley decides to get in another quarrel with Lennie because Curley suspects that Lennie had been flirting with his wife.
  • Curley strikes Lennie over and over. Lennie has the strength to even kill Curley, but is too scared to lay a finger on him.
  • No! No! OW!
  • What do you think this is, huh, big guy?
  • The other guys run in, and take Curley to the hospital. Lennie feels bad and starts to cry. 
  • George finally tells Lennie to hit Curley back. Lennie grabs Curley's hand and crushes it completely, with blood everywhere.
  • I did not mean it!
  • AAH!
  • Crooks, the stable buck, sits alone in his room. Everyone else left except Lennie. He encounters Crooks for the first time.
  • Crooks makes Lennie feel scared by saying how George is never going to come back. Lennie gets very angry and Crooks stops.
  • No! George is coming!
  • And I'm Crooks, and you have no right to be in my room. I wanna be alone.
  • Imagine if George never come back, and you're alone..
  • Lennie is so strong, he might harm Curley's wife. He's so strong, that he ended up killing the dog Slim gave him by petting it too hard.
  • Still alone, Lennie leaves to sit with Curley's wife. She offers that he can play with her hair.
  • Curley gives Lennie a hard time for being cognitively challenged, but George won't stand for it.
  • Uh, uh!!! No, no! SORRY!
  • Don't pet me too hard now Lennie! You're too strong for me!
  • Lennie pets her hair so hard, her neck snaps. Curley's wife has died, sending Lennie into a panic.
  • The men come home to see her dead. They linger around, wanting to shoot Lennie. George is scared for him.
  • Curley gives Lennie a hard time for being cognitively challenged, but George won't stand for it.
  • No! What is George gonna do to me!
  • George takes Lennie outside and takes Carlson's lugar to Lennie before anyone else can, since he loves him so much.
  • George tells Lennie to dream of their own beautiful land where Lennie has his own rabbits with George. He shoots Lennie in the neck.
  • The men arrive to see Lennie dead. They are all quiet and upset.
  • Carlson breaks the silence to say "Now what the hell ya suppose is eatin' them two guys?"

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