Unknown Story
Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • i swore to sacrifice a black lamb,hand of all our flock.
  • Odysseus and his crew set for the land of the dead.They arrive and find the place to which Circe has directed them.
  • Then Odysseus slashed the ewe, letting their black blood steam into the wellpit.
  • sand clear, put up your sword let me but taste of blood ,i shall speak true
  • now the souls gathered out of Erebus bride and young men and men grown old in pain and tender girls whose hearts were new to grief.
  • In the palace of the Phoenicians, Odysseus tells about his underworld travels.
  • The ghosts are attracted to the bloods of the sacrifice, Odysseus must hold them at bay with his sword.
  • Odysseus speaks the shade of his mother.She tell him that penelope and Telemachus are still griening for him.