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Brianna Hagen 5th hour
Updated: 9/17/2020
Brianna Hagen 5th hour
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  • There was a couple whose names were Laurel and Steve. Laurel felt that they were very poor, but they were actually very wealthy and even had a maid. One day, they received an invitation. It was for a really fancy party, but Laurel felt she had nothing to wear. Laurel's friend Silvia offered her a beautiful diamond necklace to borrow. Laurel promised that she would take care of it and never let it out of her site.
  • Omg! This is an invitation for a party! We have to go. But I have nothing to wear.
  • Look honey an invitation!
  • Thank you so much! This is perfect!
  • Towards the end of the party, Laurel noticed that the necklace was missing!She didn't want to tell her friend, so she kept it a secret. She replaced it with a $36,000 diamond necklace. Laurel then had to work as a maid to pay for the necklace. She and her husband work all the time, she never gets to see him anymore. When Silvia saw her, she asked what she was doing. Laurel told Silvia that she had lost the veryexpensive diamond necklace and had to work as a maid to pay for a new one. Silvia laughed and told her it was fake.
  • I hate being a maid! I wish that I was rich again!
  • Laurel, it was a fake! It was only $500.00!
  • This is all your fault you made me do this.
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