all parts of speech assignment adjectives
Updated: 3/13/2020
all parts of speech assignment adjectives

Storyboard Description

for the parts of speech assignment

Storyboard Text

  • Hey I saw you in L.A it looked like you were confused?
  • Ya I was I didn't understand adjectives.
  • Well would you like me to help you or would you like to say after with the teacher
  • Um I mean ya I could come to your house and you could help me with adjectives.
  • I just texted my mom and she said that I was ok If you could come over for a little to study.
  • Oh I think I got it let me try. There were 12 people in a row. 12 answers how many people are in the row
  • oh great thanks I could use the help.
  • Hey you have been doing a good job. Oreo's are in the third drawer.
  • Hey third describes which one or ones. Adjectives are now easy.
  • Now what can I help with.
  • Thanks can we do helping verbs next and I kind of know the song.
  • be is am are was were been has had had do does did...
  • may might can could will would shall should me being!
  • So the first thing we you should know is that Adjective modify or describes nouns and pronouns
  • Ok, that good to know.
  • You should also know that it answers 3 questions. What kind? Which one or ones? How many?
  • Ugh, you lost me. But now I know there are three questions of adjectives.
  • Ok here are so examples. which one. A blue car drove away. What kind of car, a blue car.
  • yes you got it
  • nice job you are doing great on helping verbs
  • ya I still need a little help because just knowing all of them doesn't mean I am great with them
  • but still you get the consented
  • ya I guess thanks for the help I come tomorrow to get help with the two other parts of speech I need to know?
  • sure happy to help
  • thanks I know I can always come to you for help
  • the next day