Unknown Story
Updated: 6/4/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Teacher saying- "So your child's overall grade for their 2020 school year is a C-."
  • Close up reaction shot of the rich mom receiving her Childs grade.
  • Mid shot on the teacher giving the bracing mom her Childs grade.
  • So a B+
  • Confession cam mid shot of the teacher's opinion.
  • "This child really thinks she's amazing but it's hardly an A+"
  • Strict mum saying: "A WHAT?!"
  • Close up shot of the child looking sacred after receiving her mark of an A rather than an A+-Dramatic noise-
  • Wide shot showing all the mums as the lazy mum rushes in. -Dramatic music-
  • Lazy mum rushing in looking confused and stressed
  • Close up shot of the rich mum replying to the lazy mum swearing.-Dramatic music intensifying-