the origin of superboy
Updated: 1/20/2020
the origin of superboy
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  • Hi my name is Evan locke. i'm a foster child. i'm the one with the black hair. that guy with the blonde hair is my brother daniel. me and my brother are twins.
  • you both have detention with your brother and girlfriend at Saturday 6:00 AM sharp
  • now this is an important day for me because this is the day i get my powers.
  • you had to remind me
  • Evan we are late to school. oh no
  • great detention.
  • I know, oh crap first day of high school
  • see the mean guy. yea he is the bully Rick Jones and see that beautiful girl her name is Emma Smith. i had a crush on her since pre-k but she is dating Rick Jones.
  • get out of my seat. unless you want a beating.
  • it was mostly silent for detention. we were all scared that something bad was going to happen. my brother daniel and emma are in detention because they did nothing during the fight.
  • i have had enough of you
  • what's going on?
  • who are you. rick come here.
  • he kept saying this is the day it all changed and we get powers. we couldn't believe it. we were about to pull the fire alarm but he used his telekinises
  • we both got in trouble and that was the teacher aka my foster mom
  • i am you from the future
  • help me guys!
  • poof
  • they tried but could not get me down. thats when future me teleported me out of school with rick and emma
  • this is what will happen if you don't become friends and save the world. welcome to the future!
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