Unknown Story
Updated: 2/24/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Come back safe and ill try to get as many things I can.
  • if anything happens get as many things that are important and leave ill be back tomorrow.
  • I will take down the portrait of George Washington with helpers.
  • what do you need us to do?
  • i need you guys to get important papers from the James Madison office.
  • you two go through the back
  • okay ill check through the front door .
  • yes sir.
  • in this scene James Madison is leaving to go to meet up with the french and telling Dolley Madison to leave and collect important things in case the french show up.
  • lets eat and then head out and burn this place up.
  • in this scene Dolley Madison is telling her slaves to go get the important things and take down the portrait of G.W.
  • "good job, let's go now and tell the other thats we did it and we won victory!"
  • "lets go!"
  • Yes sir.
  • "im going"
  • the leader of the french group is telling his soldiers on which way to go threw and see if people where home.
  • Thank goodness. i found a place where we can stay at for a few days.
  • in this part the french entered threw the back door and found food that Dolley was saving for James Madison and they ate it.
  • in this scene the british have already gon out and started the fire and burnt parts of the White House.
  • in this scene james madison and dolley madison met up at a bridghe and James foufn a place where they can be safe for a couple of days.
  • Your okay i though i would never see you. I ran past the gaurds even before they were about to burn the house down.