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Updated: 3/22/2021
Unknown Story

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  • yes
  • tired darling?
  • There it is. I know it's a tough time but I'll give you money and see you're taken care of.
  • What is it darling? What's the matter?
  • I told you I'm not hungry, I'm going out
  • we are introduced to the main character, Mary Maloney, and her husband Patrick. Mary was pregnant and it was her sixth month expecting a child. The story takes place in Mary's house where she and her husband are sitting in the living room drinking.
  • when Patrick brings up the news that he is going to leave Mary. He knows its a bad time considering she is pregnant but he says he is going to lend her money and make sure she is taken care of.
  • Mary insists that what her husband said isn't true so she heads downstairs to grab something to cook for supper. The first thing she pulls out of the freezer is a leg of lamb. she carries the leg of lamb upstairs, he doesn't want anything to eat and that he was going out.
  • haha...
  • The weapon is probably right under our nosies.
  • when Mary kills her husband. She smacks him on the back of the head with the frozen leg of lamb and he fall to the ground. She then puts the lamb in the oven.
  • Mary pretends she didn't kill her husband so she doesn't get caught. She calls the police and tells them that she found her husband dead and they come to investigate. They do not think Mary is a suspect and they search the house for a weapon.
  • Mary insists that the police eat the leg of lamb so they do not suspect anything. As they eat in the kitchen Mary laughs.