Moses Pt. 1

Updated: 6/19/2020
Moses Pt. 1

Storyboard Text

  • The Pharaoh ordered the killing of all the baby boys, as he feared they would get too powerful.
  • Kill them all.None must live!
  • In order to save her baby, Moses' mother leaves him on the river to float away.
  • Zzzzzzz...
  • The Pharoes wife finds Moses and takes him in as her own.
  • Waaaaaa!
  • After some time, the Pharaoh chooses Ramesses as his sucsessor.
  • I choose my eldest son to be the pharaoh of Egypt.
  • When Ramesses became Pharaoh, he got slaves to work his statues. One of the slaves died, and Moses got angry and killed the overseer.
  • Stop killing them!!!
  • After Moses ran away, a burning Bush appeared and spoke to him.
  • You must save the slaves and return them to they're true home.