Updated: 6/15/2021

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  • charlie was heading out to school even in the time of this virus
  • come on charlie lets go you'll be late
  • yes dad
  • in the classroom
  • yeah, yeah anyways what is the solution of 2+2
  • hmph...  only you two troublemakers came today
  • yeah we both only came. sir get used to it.
  • when walking to home they both see an old lady and a kid getting kicked out of their house for not paying taxes
  • please sir let us live we will pay taxes in sometime we have been a little bit rough please understand
  • I don't care now get out old woman!
  • the old woman and her granddaughter settle near Charlie's house for the night
  • really thank you so much young man
  • umm hello miss I saw u being kicked out from your house and I want to help you
  • come lets go to my house
  •  thank you again for helping us
  • when Charlie and the old woman and her granddaughter go to his house he shows them his old camping trailer
  • the end
  • we all hope you understood the lesson and have a great day!
  • It's the least i could do we all have too help each other the only way we are gona survive through this is by thinking about we not me
  • if you all want u can have this trailer I mean it's old but it will do