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Rock Cycle and Pizza Analogy Project
Updated: 9/28/2020
Rock Cycle and Pizza Analogy Project
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  • This Rock Cycle takes around 20 Million years
  • At this stage the first step of the pizza is created, the magma will cool and harden then change into a new solid.
  • The first step in the rock cycle in when first, magma cools which is when your mixing all of the ingredients together to make the dough for your pizza.
  • This is my Pizza Rock Cycle Analogy
  • This phase of the rock cycle is when the magma cools then it can form Large or Small Crystals and can either cool fast or slow, Deposition can also occur. The Igneous Rocks can form in 2 types.
  • The pizza dough is then made and rolled, this is the same as Intrusive or Extrusive Igneous Rock being formed from the cooled Magma.
  • Next, Weathering and Erosion occurs, this is the same as adding the sauce to my pizza
  • During weather and erosion the igneous rock is broken up over time from weather and the break up of minerals.
  • Sediments are broken up over years and years.
  • Then, sediments form from the weathering and erosion.
  • After the sediments are formed, compaction and deposition occurs and the rocks slowly compact together.
  • The rocks are then formed from the compaction, just like the peperoni is added to the pizza.
  • The mushrooms are then added to the pizza, this is compared to sedimentary rocks being formed which is the second type of rock in the rock cycle and the second topping added.
  • Sedimentary rocks are then formed, this can either be clastic, chemical or organic type of sedimentary rocks.
  • Clastic rock is when small fragments of rock form, chemical rock is when they dissolve and organic rock is remains of plants and animals.
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