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Updated: 12/19/2019
Cam's story board
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While you are labeling urine specimens, the telephone interrupts the laboratory assistant and they forget which specimen belongs to a given patient. They take their best guess and continue labeling.

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  • Ok Mr.Williams I need you to do a urinary test so I can see if you have kidney stones. I'll be taking them to the laboratory.
  • Ok doc but I really hope it isn't too bad.
  • I think you might have a liver infection Ms. Cooper. I will need you to do a urine sample for me to run some tests.
  • This is so bad ! what if it's something worse.
  • Ok so the cup on the right is Mr.Williams and the one on the left is .....
  • I forgot which cup is which... Oh No!
  • Ring Ring 
  • I think the one on the left is Ms.Cooper's and the one on the right is Mr.Williams's.... Maybe not, I really don't remember, I'll just guess.
  • Act like nothing went wrong.
  • Yes labeled and everything.
  • Did you get those lab results back that I needed?
  • This is a HIPAA violation because when the laboratory assistant mixed up the Urine cups she didn't know which was which so the doctor could be giving the wrong information to the wrong patient
  • Thanks again. If you weren't here I don't know what I would do.
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