bridge to terabithia

Updated: 6/20/2021
bridge to terabithia

Storyboard Text

  • "Thank you for inviting me!"
  • "I'm so excited! "
  • "It's my pleasure"
  • "Hi Miss Edmunds!
  • "Wow!"
  • *talking
  • *talking
  • "thank you very much, ma- maybe we can do this again sometime"
  • "I'm bac-"
  • "Absolutely!"
  • "what's going on?"
  • Jesse is invited and given permission from his mum to go to the museum with Miss Edmunds and is excited to join her. And they're on their way to the museum. But Jesse is blinded and forgets that he has to go to Terabithia with Leslie
  • "your friend Leslie's dead,, she drowned in a creek this morning, apparently she tried swinging across on a rope and it broke, they think she hit a rock"
  • "but it did, I'm sorry son"
  • "n-no i-t's not that type of rope, i-it couldn't break. It wouldn't have"
  • Jesse and Miss Edmunds are having a great time walking around and at this point, Jesse has completely forgotten about Leslie. They have lunch and takes Jesse home
  • *push
  • Jesse has had a great time but doesn't come back to a pleasant surprise...
  • Jesse finds out that Leslie has apparently died and is furious and refuses to believe the tragic news he has heard
  • "No! Your lying!"
  • All: "Wait!"
  • Jesse realizes that his family wasn't lying and decides to lock himself in his room
  • Jesse comes to face with the sad truth and is angry but sad and looks back at a reminder of Leslie... The end