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Updated: 2/1/2020
Unknown Story
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  • What did you guys do this weekend?
  • I went Bungee Jumping!
  • Speaking of bungee jumping, that brings the class to their next subject on the four forces. There are Gravity, Friction, Elastic, and Magnetism forces which are all apart of bungee jumping.
  • Bulls eye!
  • The first force is Gravity which pulls you to the center of the Earth! While Jim dunking on this basketball hoop he's staring at Gianna and still going to fall back down to the ground. Like if Gravity wasn't there he wouldn't be falling for her. 
  • The second force is Friction which is he moving object relative to another. There are multiple types of Friction forces but fluid force is where your going through air or water particles. So while Natasha runs she's breaking air particles but then they form again. Woah did my girlfriend run through me because I'm broken up.
  • The third force is elastic force which is a shape that you can stretch and it can return to it's regular shape. The rubber part of the bow that Jack is holding is what helps the arrow go farther. That's how he hit center of the target. If I could have any superpower it would be to be able to stretch so I can go anywhere with you.
  • The last but not least force is magnetism force which is an attraction or repulsion charge by particles because of their motion. The black piece of metal is attracted to the magnets just like how people are attracted to me! This piece of metal sat on the table until Joe put the magnets on the cord and the metal came to the magnets.
  • And those are the four forces. But during Bungee jumping like David did, Gravity is when he was jumping and he came back down, friction was him breaking those air particles in the air, elastic for the rope holding him in place but also it stretches out, and magnetism force for the button and it attracts to the weight they put him so he could move around. 
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