Unknown Story
Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Lennie grabs a women's dress and doesn't let go. George and Lennie are going to jump into a river and hide from the other workers that are chasing them.
  • Chapter 4
  • They Travel and get dropped off on a dirt road. They have to walk miles to get where they want to go, and then they finally reach the farm.
  • Chapter 5
  • George and Lennie meet the boss, and Curley. Curley thinks he is better than them.
  • Chapter 6
  • They get to the bunk and are ready to knoch out. They are both exhausted
  • Lennie accidentally kills the puppy. Curley's wife walks in while Lennie is holding the dead pup.
  • Lennie kills Curley's wife and all of the workers from the farm go out looking for Lennie. George kills Lennie by shooting him in the back of his head.