Updated: 6/3/2020

Storyboard Text

  • 1. Salva Walked to School
  • 2. In school he was day dreaming
  • 3. Salva Heard gun shots
  • 11 year old Salva walked to school, he lived in South Sudan far away from the war.
  • 4. Rebels have come to his town
  • During his lesson Salva was day dreaming about home. And couldn't wait until he could get home when his mom would give him milk from the cow and how he used to make cows out of clay.
  • 5. Salva ran into the bush
  • All of a sudden he heard a car back fire. The teacher still went on with the lesson but then he heard "Bang, bang". It was a gun shot, Salvas teacher told them to run into the bush, but not to go home.
  • 5.
  • Salva and his classmates ran away from their village.
  • RUN
  • The gun shots had stopped but everyone was shouting and running in fear.
  • AH