Water Cycle Comic Strip 2
Updated: 3/11/2020
Water Cycle Comic Strip 2

Storyboard Text

  • Ow! I think something just bit me!
  • Yea! I can see something behind you!
  • Hurry, keep flowing with the water until you get to the river. The animal won't follow us through there!
  • At a river. But now we are going into an animal's stomach by the animal drinking the water in the river right over there.
  • I think we lost it!
  • Good. But where are we now?
  • So know we are in an animal's stomach?
  • Yep, but we are leaving soon because the water in the animal is evaporating from the body and going in the air up to the clouds.
  • Okay, Abby this time the gas that changed to a liquid due to temperatures is going to fall to the soil.
  • Yay! Somewhere new, let's go!
  • I know it is gross, but it is just what the Water Cycle is about.
  • The soil is very wet and muddy today. It looks like that animal in the distance is coming to graze on these plants that we are in.
  • Back in another animal?!? EW.
  • Looks like this is the last stop of the day.
  • No problem Abby, any time!
  • Good, I am really tired. But thank you for taking me on such an awesome adventure!