GE Stage 2 project

Updated: 10/7/2021
GE Stage 2 project

Storyboard Text

  • Chapters 30 & 32
  • Bill
  • Chapters 34 & 35
  • Chapters 36 &37
  • Pip returns from Kent in low spirits and Herbert tries to raise them and convince Pip that Miss Havisham doesn't intend for him to marry Estella even if she is his benefactor. He also tells Pip that he has a fiancée, a woman named Clara, but is too poor to marry her. Pip receives a letter from Estella telling him to meet her at the train station. he arrives early and Whemick gives him a tour of Newgate prison and seems at home.
  • Chapter 38 p1
  • Pip thinks about Joe and Biddy, and feels bad about how he treated them the last time he saw them. He receives a letter from Biddy that says that his sister has passed and he is surprised how sad he feels. He returns home to Kent for the funeral. Later he walks through the garden with Biddy and promises to visit her and Joe more often, she is skeptical about this. She tells him that Orlick is still stalking her and is nervous about it.
  • Chapter 38 p2
  • Pip celebrates his twenty first birthday and receives full control of his fortune and thinks that Jaggers might tell him something about benefactor, but Jaggers tells him nothing other than that the info he wants is confidential. He still believes that Miss Havisham is his benefactor. Jaggers tells Pip that his yearly limit is 500 pounds and gets invited to Pp's birthday dinner. Pip wants to help Herbert become become a merchant and asks Whemick's advice, at first he is told to throw his money off a bridge. Whemick invites Pip to his house and tells pip that it is a great idea to help Herbert and buys him a partnership with a merchant.
  • Chapter 39
  • Pip spends his free time with Estella though he isn’t treated like a serious suitor. Pip accompanies her everywhere she goes and watches her coldly treat her suitors while more or less ignoring him. Still thinking that Miss Havisham is his benefactor, he cannot understand why she doesn’t announce his “engagement” to Estella.
  • Pip and Estella go to visit Miss Havisham at the Satis house. Pip sees Estella argue with Miss Havisham and she encourages Estella to break men’s hearts even though she isn’t happy. Pip finds out that Estella is dating Drumle and voices her concerns though she doesn’t take them seriously. Estella tells Pip that he is the only man she doesn’t deceive, this only makes him feel unimportant.
  • Pip hears someone walking up the stairs outside his apartment and goes to check it out. He finds a man he doesn’t recognize coming towards him in the dark and grudgingly invites him in. He later finds out that the man is the convict who threatened him in the graveyard and is also his benefactor. Pip nearly pases out with shock.