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Unknown Story
Updated: 11/26/2019
Unknown Story
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  • financial plan
  • we are in debt! we need to make a plan or we are going to be in trouble
  • this is all we got (waaaa)
  • I know but stop putting so much pressure on me. With all of this stress im going to cry
  • get him!
  • whiskey rebellion
  • sir there is to many of them
  • he is a trader
  • get them guards save us
  • they are coming what do we do
  • French revolution
  • I don't know we need to flee this place now
  • There was tons of debt so hamilton decided to make a plan. This plan had 3 steps first they would tax then they would build a bank so that people could put money in it then the government could take money and borrow it people did not like that especially virginia so they had a huge argument they were not in debt so why pay other peoples debt. so they came with a plan to move the capital to Washington D.C
  • The government decided to put a tax on whiskey because people were making so much money off of it like farmers so they hired a guy to collect those taxes they thought he will have 10 bodyguards so he will be fine people got really angry one night 500 farmers showed up with torches and pitch forks to kill him they managed to fight them off but the next day they came back with 700
  • the people in france thought if america can take over they can to so they wanted to they were taxing only poor people not the rich to the point were they could not even afford bread but george washington did not want to deal with it he did not want to deal with it he wanted to stay neutral and stay back.
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