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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/27/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Christians started coming to acre and Saladin went back there to stop them and the king coming in. This lasted two years
  • When Richard and his army come he helps the Christians take control of acre. The christian army brought catapults to fight Saladin's army and Saladin had Greek fire. The Greek fire hits Richard's army and towers.
  • Richard then gave 4 gold coins to anyone who could get stones from the tower then it collapsed.
  • Richard puts back Saladin's army to get out of Jaffa. Finally Saladin had to stop fighting because his army wanted to get back to normal life and Richard had to sort a problem John had caused. So they called a truce, Saladin kept the towns, Richard had the coast and Christians can enter Jerusalem without being killed. The end.
  • Richard captured 2700 of Saladin's troop and held them hostage. R said he wouldn't let them go until Saladin gave ransom and the true cross
  • Saladin took a long time to pay up so Richard killed all of the hostages because he had no alternative.
  • The army of Richard leave acre and march South. Next, they got to Jaffa and there was a battle that they got into.R was going to go to Jerusalem but he stopped just before because he knew he couldn't keep the land.
  • When King Richard went back to Acre, Saladin attacks Jaffa to take it back, he manages to take most of it. So Richard and his soldiers sailed to Jaffa.
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