The Big but Simple Rock Cycle!!!
Updated: 4/7/2021
The Big but Simple Rock Cycle!!!

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  • Lets gooooo!
  • Hi Leo!!!
  • Bye Leo!
  • Cya later uncle Migeul!!
  • Hi there!! My name is Miguel and I am a Metamorphic rock. I'm sure you do not not know what that means yet, but you will soon! Today I have gathered some very close family and friends to teach you guys all about the rock cycle!!
  • This is my nephew Leo. He is a sediment. As a sediment you are a very tiny piece of debris, that gets compacted with pressure with other millions of tiny pieces of rock. After you go through that cycle you become what they call a sedimentary rock. A sedimentary rock is a very weak and easily breakable rock. It is normally sand stone or something of that matter.
  • Leo is still a very young rock and will be a sedimentary rock soon!! But we should let Leo rest for now.
  • Bye Guys!!!!!!
  • Alrighty guys now it is time to go meet my old friend John. John is a igneous rock, and after you become a sedimentary rock, you must be pressed with pressure and a lot of heat and you will form into a metamorphic rock just like me. After you become a very solid metamorphic rock, eventually lava will hit you and you melt down into something called magma. Over time magma will begin to cool down and it will form a igneous rock!!
  • How cool is that??!
  • Hey John! I just came to ask you about some of you're experiences about becoming a igneous rock. "Well it is very nice to see you Miguel, it has been a while. But eh it was rough, took 'em many uh years but now I'm finally here. It was tough and being melted by magma was not fun, but uh the worse was definitely sitting there for years being cooled to actually be a igneous rock in the first place heh." Well thanks for you're time John I really hope to see you again. "Take care son"
  • Ahhh feels good to be home don't it. But that is the rock cycle. Seems so big and glrourious but it is not a lot a to take in after all. It is the big but simple rock cycle. Bye guys!!!!!