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Unknown Story
Updated: 11/20/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Yo dad, why is that plant facing up but the roots facing down?
  • That my son is called gravitropism, it makes the plant hang down but the plant still faces up is called negative gravitropism and when the roots face down that is called positive gravitropism
  • WHOA THE PLANT MOVED AWAY AS I TOUCHED IT. Wait, ins't that called negative thigmotropism but it is positive tropism is when the plant moves towards something right dad?
  • Wow son there is tons of tropisms around us, the tree you are sitting on is dealing with phototropism, positive because it is moving towards the light, but if negative it would be moving away from the light. Then in front of us there is hydrotropism, the plants roots are moving towards the water, positive, and if it was negative the roots would be moving away from the water.
  • COOOOOL...not.
  • *Breathes hard*
  • AHHHH!
  • Hehehehehe!
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