ancient India part1
Updated: 11/3/2019
ancient India part1

Storyboard Text

  • Geography
  • Oh no! I am going to miss my baptism in the Ganges river
  • ok good I made it
  • Religion
  • every church shall receive it's members by baptism........
  • Achievements
  • I got to write some poetry about this rain.
  • India has many big rivers. like, the Ganges river. Some rivers connect to the Ganges like, the son river.
  • Politics/government
  • oh no I don't have enough $
  • People in India will get baptized or, cleansed in the Ganges river. Even though experts say it is the dirtiest river in the world
  • Economics
  • you were hurt so, I bandaged you up. I'm sorry to say but, that will be $$$$$$
  • In India poetry was a big achievement. Every child was taught poetry. Some of the best poetry comes from india
  • Society
  • mom i don't want to be an outcast can you please lend me some money
  • sweetie i don' t have any money
  • Raja's were regional leaders who protected a group of villages
  • Oh no what happend?
  • you were attacked by an animal. you are lucky I was doing rounds here
  • i guess I could ask my mom for money
  • In India most people do not earn a lot of money. It is a very poor country
  • There are many levels of society. Like, the top would be teachers and priests. the next would be warriors and rulers. the next is farmers and merchants then, servants. Last is the outcasts. Because they did something wrong or married someone not in their level of society