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Updated: 7/31/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hey !! Yeah....true
  • Hey !! Long time no see !!
  • Good Morning Ma'am. My name is Dhanusha.
  • My name is Aarish.
  • My name is Katy.
  • Hi class !! I am your new computer teacher and my name is Shrishti. Introduce yourselves too !!!
  • My name is Anna.
  • Oh, me !!! Thank you so much Ma'am for choosing me !!
  • Oh God !! I am happy but sad too !! Why did she choose me !! I don't know how to operate computers properly !!!
  • Also class...I wanted to choose a new monitor for this particular subject. And that monitor is.....Dhanusha !!!
  • I went to school as always with my friends. But, today was the reopening of my school after my final exams in Grade 4. That means, this was my first day at school in Grade 5 in Senior School !!!
  • Thank God !!! I literally got saved !!!
  • Hi Didi !! My computer teacher made me a monitor. If she tells me to operate the keyboard or answer her questions orally related to computers and do her work to show the class, then how will I do it ? I don't know anything in computers !!! I will be ashamed of myself in front of the whole class. Everyone will make fun of me and Ma'am won't keep any expectations from me and I will break her trust !!!
  • I was happy, but nervous too. Now, there would be computer exams too !!! I was scared because I wasn't good in computers at all. I didn't even know how to save files in desktop !!!
  • Hi !! Nothing like that will happen. You think too much !! No problem !!! I will teach you computers today itself !!! It's easy !!!
  • Thank you Didi !! You are my best inspiration who taught me wonderful computers !!!
  • Thank you so much Ma'am !!
  • It was computer period. Ma'am wanted to choose a monitor for this subject. She randomly chose a student and that was me !!! How would I operate a monitor or answer her questions in classroom if she asks me to ? I would be ashamed of myself !!!
  • Ok Dhanusha, what do you mean by HTML ?
  • Ma'am, HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is the standard markup language for creating Web pages.
  • Fantastic Dhanusha !!! How did you know that ? I am surprised !!!
  • Luckily, she didn't ask me to do anything on the first day of school. We all were just introducing ourselves to her and just talking fun things. I was relieved that she didn't teach anything too !!!
  • I went home quickly after all classes got over. I told my sister everything about the situation. She agreed to teach me computers as she was extremely good in it. She encouraged and taught me everything in it. I practised and did everything fluently !! Thanks sister !
  • The next day, during computer class, my teacher asked me to save some files in desktop and place them in an e-folder which I had to create. I did this very confidently. She was impressed with me !! My sister is my biggest inspiration who taught me computers !!