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Alfonso Torres
Updated: 12/14/2018
Alfonso Torres
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  • The Giver
  • 1. "We need to safe all the memories". 2. He look older than he actually is. 3. The author portray him as a honor men that is tired of be receiver and try to teach a 12 years old boy how to be one. 4. My feelings about the Giver are that, he is a person that try to do what the last receiver teach him to do even when he sometimes feel is bad.
  • Jonas
  • 1. "Memories need to be shared". 2. He has light eyes. 3. The author portray him as a good attitude boy, that after feeling all the memories, think that everyone should have or shared the same memories even when they are bad memories. 4. I feel that he is a hero in a part, but at the same time he is just a boy that just begins to understand and see his life.
  • Gabriel
  • 1. "Jonas we need to go, now". 2. He have light eyes. 3. The author portray him as a baby without thinking. 4. I think that he is just a baby so I feel that he might don't know what is happening, at the same time I feel that he is an important part of the story since it may be the continuation of Jonas.
  • Lily
  • 1. "I wish I could be a birth mother". 2. She is a girl with the same hair style as every girl in the community. 3. The author portray her as a good girl that is very interesting in the new child's as for example Gabriel. 4. In my opinion Lily is a very funny and interesting child that like babies.
  • Jonas's Father
  • 1. "We released for the well of the community". 2. Noting unusual, He look like every men in the community. 3. The author portray him as a shy, quiet, considerate, caring men. 4. My feeling about Jonas's Father are that Even when he released some babies, I know he just do because he don't know different. in his world.
  • Asher
  • 1. "I want my smack". 2. He look like a common teenager in the community. 3. The author portray him as a good boy that it's a little messy, but in general very normal. 4. I think that even when they don't talk a lot about him, I think is is a good boy and a important part because he is Jonas best friend.
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