wolds at wolds end
Updated: 12/17/2019
wolds at wolds end
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Storyboard Description

how earth and the milky way slowly gets pulled to a black hole

Storyboard Text

  • After the magnetic field broke the world was never the same. Everyone was in hiding because the Earth was slowly going to a black hole.
  • Wolds of Magnets.
  • When the planet Mars magnetic field collapse and the rocks hit the Earth. Many people say its the end of the worlds but when it ended the Earth shook the buildings started to fall over and everyone want to hide or go to safety.
  • Yah its been a long time
  • I wonder if we will ever see the earth again ?
  • The magnet is attracting to the other because they are not the same and no.
  • help
  • Wow it repelled so it pushed away when the magnets are facing the same way
  • This is a magnetic domain. It is facing the same way because it is magnetized.
  • This is a magnetic field and it shows what the magnetic fields looks like.
  • The Earth has a North and South pole because of is magnetic ball in the Earth.
  • Relating to the interrelation of electric currents or fields and magnetic fields.
  • This is what a magnet can attract to.
  • The End.
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