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Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Philosophies
  • That's messed up
  • I have something for you.I STOLE it
  • Awwww how sweat of you
  • Dynasties
  • Yes you can
  • May I pass through?
  • Inventions
  • It's my turn to fly the kite.....
  • This was alot like legisim.People where able to do more wrong than right and where able to get away with it.This is what my image shows above.
  • Abominations
  • Tonight I runaway
  • The Dynstys all lasted long pearirds of time.They all made theire own form of technolgy.The Han Dynasty's Architectrue was used so much between the other Dynasty's because they made a road.
  • The Kite 3,000 years ago...The kite was made in acint China.The Kite was made of wood and was used for milltary purposes mostly for messegs.But along the line the Kite evolved and turned into the Kite that we have now.
  • I chose to do, plotting rebellion as one of the 10 abominations. The ruler would be if someone would be doing so they would be sentenced to death...That would only be if the parents or emperor would find out.