Updated: 11/30/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The owner of SuperEuro is managing how can he earn more profits in his firm of sale of goods.
  • Last year, I achieved an income of 2.5 milion of euros with 20 workers in my staff.
  • At SuperEuro.
  • I need to find the solution to innove, to get more satisfied customers, However, I must take into account the money that I can afford to invest in improvements.
  • I will hire 10 more workers at the resource market, so they can serve more clients at the same time.
  • As a consequence, I will also need to invest in capitals like uniforms, cach registers, daltophones... So I will request subsidies to the Government to help my firm economically.
  • One year later...
  • This individual is called Jenna. She was hired yesterday by SuperEuro's owner. She spends 8h working here, and has a salary of 1000€ every month.
  • Can I get two pownds of apples, please?
  • Good morning, how can I hep you?
  • Raspi, I'm going to go to the product market to buy your food. Debby told me that SuperEuro sends high quality cat food very cheap. I'll be right back
  • Wow, despite there's so many customers, they attended me very quickly and kindly. The prices are very low and the quality of the products seems to be high. I'll recommend this supermarket to all my friends.
  • It costs 20€, please
  • This year, I achieved 5.5 milion euros of revenue. It means that I can give back the subsidies that the Governments gave to the firm, my workers are going to have higher salaries and, even so, I have got lots of benefits.