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Updated: 1/29/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Geography of MesoAmerica
  • Olmec
  • The Olmec Legacy
  • The geography of MesoAmerica usually consisted of rivers, valley, dense forest, And mountains. All of these areas listed were great areas for living and farming in.
  • Zapotec
  • The Olmec were considered the mother of all MesoAmerica society's. they were very artistic and constructed stone heads of rulers and gods. they built pyramids and temples too.
  • Maya
  • The Olmec had a massive legacy, They built pyramids and had nice agriculture. They also had nice trade routes, and were poly theistic.
  • Classical Maya
  • The Zapotec were one of the first major cities in MesoAmerica. They built temples and had artists decorate them. they were located Oaxaca Valley a big open area where three valleys met.
  • The Maya began around the same time as the Zapotec in present day southern mexico and central america. they Mayans found maize sacred and it was there most bountiful crop. they had developed a social pyramid.
  • Many temples were built in this time even including pyramids., and a very popular ball game was played it was very hard and some games could last for days.
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