Unknown Story

Updated: 9/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • ordinary world
  • Call to Adventure/Refusal
  • Meeting the mentor/Crossing the threshold
  • Prince James at his home in croydon
  • enemies/intermost cave
  • A vicious dragon by the name of Smaug has been breathing his fiery dragon breath on people and killing them. they need his help to defeat the dragon. Prince James could not refuse to help save the capital so he set off later that night.
  • ordeal/reward
  • While James walked he ran into a knight who once dealth with a dragon himself. he gave him advice on how to defeat the dragon. he also gave him his magical sword that kills anyting it touches just incase he needed it. After this James leaves croydon to travel to london.
  • road back / ressurection
  • James battles the dragon outsmarts him and ripped him of his mouth taking his breath away wounding him. later he finds out the he has to battle another vicious dragon and wins that too. thinking he has ended it for all he learns that there is another dragon way more powerful than the last two.
  • James must defeat this powerful dragon to do so he must use his sword and stab him in the heart. he does so but the sword is so powerful that it killed him instantly when he stabbed him.
  • unfortunetly james did not get to have an happy ending but everyone honored him for saving their lives.