Bilal Treasure Island
Updated: 4/6/2020
Bilal Treasure Island

Storyboard Text

  • Admiral Benbow Inn
  • Captains Room
  • One Day - Bad news!
  • Jim and his mother find a treasure chest
  • Jim Hawkins meets the Captain who has decided to stay at their inn for an indeterminate amount of time. Jim's mother does not have a good feeling about this.
  • Jim takes the map to Dr Livesy and Mr Trelawney (The Squire)
  • Inside the Inn the Captain takes up room and board and drinks a lot of RUM. He seems to be worried about something. He tells Jim to keep an eye out for a one legged man.
  • The Squire Gathers a Crew
  • One day there is a new visitor to the inn. He is a blind man and he has a black dot that he gives the captain. It means that the captain will die. The captain collapses on the floor - dead!
  • The crew is going to mutiny
  • Jim and his mother open the chest left by the Captain and find a map and some coins.
  • Jim tells the Doctor and the Squire the terrible truth
  • Dr Livesey and Mr Trelawney look at the map and determine that it is a treasure map. The Squire excitedly decides to start an expedition to go and find the treasure. Jim will join them as ship boy. They have to find a crew to man their ship.
  • The Squire writes a letter to the Doctor that says he has gathered a crew, amongst them is one called Long John Silver with a peg leg. Long John Silver helps the Squire get together the rest of the crewmen. Smollett is the new captain. The new ship will be called the Hispaniola
  • Long John Silver discusses with his pals that they will take over the Squire and other leaders once the treasure is found and kill them. Jim is hiding and accidentally hears the entire conversation.
  • Jim goes down and tells the Squire, Smollett and the Doctor that the crew will mutiny. They decide not to let on that they know until they are able to devise a plan and get the treasure. They can only trust Smollett who is a good captain.
  • They spot Land!
  • Silver and his men land on the island
  • Jim Meets Ben Gunn
  • At the Stocade
  • They come upon an island that seems deserted with lots of trees and decide where they want to drop anchor.
  • Silver tries for a truce
  • Silver takes his men to the island, Jim hides on the boat and goes with them. Silver tells his men to be on his side. One of them disagrees and Silver kills him with a knife. Jim sees everything and runs deeper into the woods.
  • Fleeing the pirates, Jim runs into a man. His name is Ben and he has been marooned on the island for 3 years. He seems to be mad and wild. He has a white boat and tells Jim he will help him find the treasure if Jim helps him get home.
  • Dr Livesay and Squire Trelawney and their men make it to the stockade where they try to fight the mutinous pirates. The pirates fire a cannon at the stockade.
  • Long John Silver tries to talk with Smollett and tells him that he will help Smollett return to England if Smollett helps find the treasure. Smollett does not agree, angering Silver.
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