Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby
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Dancing Characters

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  • The Great Gatsby's introduction
  • The meeting of the mistress
  • The Crying of shirts
  • ‘They’re such beautiful shirts,’
  • The introdution of The Great Gatsby the audience is introduced to the main characters and is shown a background of who the characters are. Nick the narrator is invited to his rich cousin Daisy's house. As they dine together both Tom and daisy leave nick and Ms. Jordan Baker for a moment to the audience to discover "Tom's got some woman in New York"(Fitzgerald 18).
  • The argument of who Daisy loves
  • Nick is introduced to Myrtle Wilson, Tom's mistress. He is taken to their apartment when he meets myrtle's sister and their neighbors. Nick gets drunk for the second time in his life as he witnessed Tom break "her nose with his open hand" for speaking Daisy's name.(Fitzgerald 41)
  • The death of Myrtle
  • Nick assists Gatsby in reuniting with daisy after living near her for five long years. As they rekindle their love for each other daisy begins "to cry stormily" Gatsby's " beautiful shits" realizing the life she could've had if she waited for him. This scene proves Daisy's love for Gatsby never died and she longs to change her current life with Tom.(Fitzgerald 99)
  • Gatsby's funeral
  • Tom is extremely suspicious of Gatsby and Daisy and as they argue over Gatsby's past it is revealed that they are in love. The argument continues where Tom learns "Daisy's" plan on "leaving" him and their marriage due to being in love with Gatsby. They then can't stand all the tension so Gatsby and Daisy head home.(Fitzgerald 142)
  • ‘You’re crazy!’
  • ‘She never loved you, do you hear?’
  • One action or mistake can affect a change in everything in a situation. "Myrtle's""life" which was "violently extinguished"by scared Daisy cause two more deaths and exposed the truth of peoples actions. This is one of the first emotions we see from Tom other than anger or hostility. (Fitzgerald 147)
  • True emotions and personalities are exposed through Gatsby's death. Through all his parties and events only the hired minister, "mr.Gatz" "Nick", a couple house servants and owl eyes appeared at his funeral.And the woman he loved and loved him left to stay with her husband the only way she could be pampered with more money.(Fitzgerald 186)
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