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Updated: 9/8/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Anyone have any idea about Meiosis?
  • Meiosis is a specialized form of cell division that produces reproductive cells, such as plant and fungal spores and sperm and egg cell.
  • That's correct! This process involves a "parent" cell splitting into two or more "daughter"cells,
  • Who can tell me what are the four stages of Meiosis?
  • The four stages of Meiosis are;ProphaseMetaphaseAnaphaseTelophase
  • The parent cell can pass on its genetic materials form generation to generation.
  • Prophase: At this stage, chromosomes become compact, dense structures and are easily visible under the microscope.
  • This process is known as crossing over or recombination.
  • Metaphase: the meiotic spindle, a network of protein filaments, emerges from two structure called the centrioles, positioned at either end of the cell.
  • Each X-shaped complex moves away from the other, toward opposite ends of the cell.
  • Anaphase: The spindle fibers start to contract, pulling the fused sister chromatids with them.
  • Telophase: the fused sister chromatids reach either end of the cell, and the cell body splits into two.
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