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Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Have you read that article about coal?
  • Yeah it did. It made me feel like I was there.
  • Yeah I have it was really interesting, Didn't it take place in a mine?
  • It is the dirtiest fossil fuel.
  • Mining coal can take place above ground
  • Mining the coal can also happen underground.
  • It is the cheapest fossil fuel.
  • When it is burned it releases sulfur, which leads to acid rain.
  • It has a very big abundance.
  • even if you work in the mine for less than a year you have a high chance of getting black lung
  • The job of being a miner pays a lot of money.
  • coal is used in a lot of places in the United States.
  • Coal is the most used fossil fuel.