Odysseus and the sirens Latin 3

Odysseus and the sirens Latin 3

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  • After Landing on the Island the previous day to rest, Odysseus is woken by Circe, who had seen him land
  • *uugh* Who are you?
  • Wakey wakey sleepyhead, you must have been very weary. You slept for 2 suns!
  • No matter now but you should stay and enjoy the beautiful day on the island!
  • *cough* I must get home to my family...
  • Nonsense! You must not go before I speak to you in private
  • Stay, I have prepared some food for you and your crew, I must talk to you
  • Well... I guess we can stay then, I haven't eaten a warm meal in awhile
  • I shall advise my crew, then we shall feast!
  • Wonderful!
  • With a large amount of food prepared, Odysseus and his men enjoyed the meal prepared by Circe 
  • Always for you fair goddess
  • On behalf of me and my crew, I would like to thank you for your hospitality
  • Anything for you Odysseus.
  • Can I talk to you in private?
  • Listen! So that you and your crew may safely return home
  • I need to warn you about an island not far from here. It's dangerous
  • Well luckily, danger is my middle name, heh heh
  • What's up?
  • The island is home to the Sirens, who lure sailors near the shore with their songs.  The transfixed sailors end up wrecking on the hidden jagged rocks that line the shore. In order not to fall into their trap, you must fill your ears with wax. I must go, but I bid you farewell on your journey.
  • The next day, Odysseus and his crew left the island and started heading home
  • Then she was like, " You better be careful. The sirens will lure anyone who hears their song"
  • And I was like, "It's me what's the worst thing that can happen
  • While sailing, Odysseus warned his crewmates of Circe's warning of the Sirens
  • *chuckles*
  • Odysseus was hardly done telling his crew the story when, the wind stopped, and music started coming over the water 
  • The Sirens!
  • A top the island sat 3 Sirens, bird-like women whose melodies burned through the heart of every man that heard them 
  • Men! Cover your ears with wax! Do not let their voices tempt you!
  • While the Sirens were singing, Odysseus gave orders to his crew
  • As the Sirens hovered over the ship singing, Odysseus ordered his men to tie him to the main mast and not listen to him until after they had passed the island
  • Their harmony is so beautiful...
  • Odyesseus begged his shipmates to let him go, but they ignored him and kept rowing
  • In your dreams buddy
  • Untie me, so I may come closer and sing with them!
  • All I want for Christmas is you...
  • As the ship sailed past the Island of the Sirens, their song grew quieter
  • Can someone PLEASE turn this boat around? I want to go back!
  • Big bet
  • Once the Island slipped over the horizon, one of Odysseus' shipmates untied him from the mast 
  • WooHoo!
  • It's about time!
  • Thank you for following orders. When we get back home I will make sure that you all are well rewarded
  • Just as Odysseus and his crew were about to celebrate...
  • See for yourself
  • what's the matter?
  • Hey Odyessus, look ahead
  • Odysseus had to navigate through a narrow strait between Scylla and Charybdis. 
  •  And Charybdis, a whirlpool that swallows the sea and anything nearby.
  • Both sides of the strait had consequences.
  •  Scylla, a 6 headed monster lurking in between the cliffs that lined the strait.
  • Oh sh-
  • After navigating that strait, Odysseus and his crew were relieved to survive the ordeal
  • Have you seen Geoff?
  • No, I haven't seen him since we entered the strait
  • However, in the process of going through the strait, Odysseus lost some of his crew to Scylla
  • We lost Geoff!
  • I knew he shouldn't have worn the red toga
  • I'm sorry man, we gotta keep going, we'll have time to mourn when we get back
  • Can we stop and rest here, please?
  • After sailing for a couple of days, Odysseus and his crew came across another Island 
  • Look! Wildlife!
  • The island belonged to Helios, the sun-god, and his livestock
  • No. Circe also warned me to stay off the island of the sun god, and we are close to home.
  • While they had endured quite a bit since they had a feast with Circe, Odysseus was firm in his response
  • Unlike you sir, who is strong like iron, we need to stop and rest.  Just this one time
  • Reluctantly, Odysseus and his crew went to the island. They ended up staying there for quite a while because the winds did not blow in their favor 
  • Eventually, the crew was there for so long that they ran out of rations on the ship, and they were in desperate need of food
  • In order to not starve to death, the crew slaughtered and ate the some of the cows from Helios' herd
  • Helios was very angry at Odysseus and his crew. Helios called upon Zeus to punish them 
  • After they had left the island, Zeus sent a strong storm at sea which broke the mast of the ship and therw it back into the mouth of Charybdis
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