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Updated: 12/18/2019
Unknown Story
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  • general Burgoyne's idea
  • i have a great idea.
  • to albany
  • this way to Albany.
  • Bennington
  • yes! we were able to capture 500 soldiers.
  • please! let us go!.
  • General Burgoyne has in idea to defeat the Americans colonist. he would split up along the Hudson river because he was sure the colonist could not stand being divided.
  • battle of freeman's farm
  • Burgoyne led his army south from lake Champlain to Albany. Burgoyne succesfully headed South. they first recaptured for Ticonderoga and then headed towards Albany.
  • battle of Bemis heights
  • i can't believe we lost
  • Americans harassed British on there way to Albany. they blocked roads and shot at soldiers. it showed them down and they run out of food. some soldiers were send to Bennington Vermont to find food and horses but Bennington was guarded by John stark's army, it resulted in a victory for Americans after they capture soldiers.
  • results
  • I am so happy that the colonist win the battle of Saratoga wich is a turning point in the war. This helped us form the United states of America.
  • September 17 1777, the firs battle took place at freeman's farm. Daniel Morgan led 500 sharpshooters to the field where Britain is coming Britan gained control of the the field but had 600 casualties, where america had 300.
  • America set up defense at Bemis heights, more militia arrived and they keep gaining soldiers Octuber 7 1777, Britant atack and failed miserably British casualties were almost 600 and burgoyne had to retreat.
  • After British surreder, the colonist fealt like they could win the wer. The Batle 0f Sagatora is a major turning point in the war. the Frech also decides to aid the colonist after this.
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