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Updated: 9/10/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hello Montesquieu My name is Thomas Hobbes. And this is how i think it should be ruled.
  • Hello my name is Baron de Montesquieu. And how do you think our country should be ruled.
  • I think that we should have Enlightened Absolutism way of being ruled.
  • I think that our country should be ruled by branches so we have a separation of powers ruler.
  • I think that we should have one absolute ruler. I think that because people are evil and selfish.And they would live in this castle.
  • Two men meet in the center of town to talk about how they think their country should be ruled.
  • The Ruler would be chosen by god And have the power to chose you're religion. Montesquieu why do you think it should be run your way.
  • The men start to talk about what they believe is the right way for their country to be run.
  • I think we should be ruled by separation of powers so that one person can't make all the dissension to help them.
  • Thomas Hobbes talks about why he thinks that they should have an absolute ruler.
  • Even though i don't agree with the separation of powers i see why you would like that. Thank you for your time.
  • And that is why i think we should be ruled by more than one person.
  • Thomas Hobbes is in the belief of an absolute monarch but is not in the belief of deism.
  • Baron de Montesquieu talks about how the separation of powers is a much better way of being ruled.
  • Thomas Hobbes And Montesquieu Thank each other for telling them about what they believe and go on there ways.