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Updated: 12/20/2019
Unknown Story
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  • I know, I haven't eaten either, but we must keep working unless we want to suffer the consequences.
  • Keep working! We are not paying you to just stand there! Unless you want me to write a dazibao about your family!
  • Father I'm starving! I haven't eaten in the past two days!
  • Please, why her?! We should have grown more crops to be able to feed more people!
  • Mother NO!!! Why did it have to be her! She had always given us her food, just so we can eat.
  • The Li family has not eaten in a couple of days, because since they are farmers they must keep working no matter what because this plan is causing a great famine. They also have to share their farm with many other families according to the government.
  • HOW DO YOU NOT RESPECT MAO! How dare you question his leadership!
  • That is it! I am writing a dazibao about all of you!
  • What is wrong with YOU! LI MIN! Ever since you became a red guard, you have become so violent towards us! We are your family!
  • All farmers had worked day constantly just to grow as many crops as possible because of the great famine. Unfortunately, Li Jiao's mother had passed away due to the lack of food. She had starved to death along with 23 million other innocent people, or that was the word on the street.
  • If you do not support our leader, then you don't deserve to live peacefully!
  • 大子堡
  • How could you write a dazibao about us?! We are your family! And we will be arrested because of you!
  • 李氏家族不崇拜毛澤東
  • 7 years later...
  • Li Min, Li Jiao's older sister, had become a red guard, worshiping and supporting Mao's every rule. She had threatened to write a dazibao about her family. Also, also getting close to hurting her grandmother, since red guards were allowed to harm people who had not worshiped Mao.
  • Li Min ended up actually writing a dazibao about her family not supporting Mao, and having doubts about his leadership. The dazibao had resulted in the entire Li family except for Li Min because she was a red guard.
  • After the Li family had been released from jail.
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