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  • Under this is the brief descriptions about this theory.
  • I'm Mrs. Cruz , the recipient of care.
  • In this theory there are 4 sequential phases that helps patients and nurses
  • Hello I'm Nurse JC and I will be the helper of patient.
  • Don't worry ma'am everything is alright and I will handle it from here.
  • Hello good morning Nurse JC, This is my mother and I'm leaving her to you because im in hurry. I'm sorry.
  • THEORY OF INTERPERSONAL RELATION BY HILDEGARD PEPLAUIt is the process where the nurses and patients have common goals and they are working together to become mature and knowledgable in caring process.
  • That's not good ma'am for the mean time you'll be staying here and I'll tell to your daughter that you'll be under-monitory.
  • Hello Mrs. Cruz, how are you? Are you alright?
  • I'm not good, I'm in pain because of my arthritis
  • Okay thank you.
  • Patients and Nurses are in the same phase where they need to help each other to maintain and achieve their common goal.
  • Wow, it's nice to walk like this again. I love it, thank you Nurse JC for helping me.
  • It's my pleasure ma'am, but when you go home please continue walking to improve your bones and body to become healthy.
  • ORIENTATION PHASEThis is where the nurse identify the patient's background and needs.
  • Yes dear, you are caring nurse and you exceed my expectation. As you can see I'm happy right now because of your care. Thank you.
  • Hello Mrs. Cruz are you comfortable and good? Can I ask if how's my performance about taking care of you and did I meet your expectations?
  • Thank you very much ma'am. Take care.
  • IDENTIFICATION PHASEAfter knowing the problem of Mrs. Cruz, Nurse JC recommend and observe the patient for Mrs. Cruz recovery phase of her arthritis.
  • You are welcome ma'am.
  • EXPLOITATION PHASEAfter a week of resting and taking medication of Mrs Cruz, her problem with her arthritis is improving with the help of Nurse JC and by taking walk everyday outside.
  • RESOLUTION PHASEIt is the phase where the Nurse JC needs to evaluate Mrs. Cruz recovery program.
  • My mom is very energetic and I can see the improvement thank you very much. Nurse JC.
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