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  • Despite everything Bully Boy had planned out in secret, Starlight had already caught on. Instead, on that very same day of his plan, she did one random act of kindness to everyone in the school, which was the exact opposite of Bully Boy’s plans. Everyone was happy — even the grumpy old janitor. They started behaving kindly towards each other, helping each other out when they were in need, and when Bully Boy got to the school he was absolutely disgusted.
  • On our planet, Earth, there aren’t too many people with super natural powers. But then there came a very special person, who introduced herself as “Starlight,” or “Star,” for short. She was a middle schooler yet looked as if she were a small toddler barely transitioning into the kid years. A quiet child, one that everyone could get along with but no one ever tried. After a while, her behavior got stranger and stranger every second that passed by. It was very soon noticeable that this girl was no normal person, but someone with abilities, super powers.
  • Instead of beating the villain up, Starlight thought of something. She dug through the sack full of gifts and pulled out a teddy bear, with a note attached that had two words neatly written in silver, ‘You’re special’ and handed it to Bully Boy. It was as if time stopped. No one had ever done that for him. Without a word, she left smiling and waving goodbye to him as she walked out of the school. The boy looked up in surprise, in awe. Finally, they were at peace.
  • When Star met the villain, she witnessed him bullying another kid at their school. Of course, she felt bothered and went up to him, telling him that there were surveillance cameras everywhere and a teacher had called him, not revealing her powers. It was obvious that he had powers as well. He didn’t seem very gullible but reluctantly walked away, already had sensed her powers as she had done to him.
  • Tsk! Whatever.
  • The villain had it all planned out. The time for revenge had come and he was going to make everyone in the school feel bad about themselves which would cause them to make everyone else feel bad. The domino effect, one negative person, makes another person feel so bad about themselves that they become toxic to others as well. It was going to be fairly simple, especially with his ability to manipulate emotions. The only worry he had on his mind was someone to interfere. But who would, at this point, he was unstoppable.
  • “Tsk, who would even have the courage to try to save the world from doom? Hah, nobody,”
  • “This was so silly of me— why would I even plan out such a thing?”
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