history 2
Updated: 1/16/2021
history 2

Storyboard Text

  • Senater Chamber, december 24, 1944
  • We will send combat troops, from of the Aeronautical Directorate of theSecretariat of National Defense
  • Mand
  • This was officially registered in the Mexican Army on 1January 1945, which was organized as follows
  • The teams was to form this way
  • Command Group
  • Squadron 201
  • Replacement Group
  • Fine, so the "Aeronautical Improvement Group" will be the Squadron 201 of the FMEA
  • Squadron 201
  • But now, we decided Forces in training in the United States to become the “ForceMexican Expeditionary Air Force
  • We are the Squadron 201, we have the best pilots and the best base personnel in Mexico, we are a small group of the best soldiers with great firepower
  • The contingent left Mexico City by railroad on July 24, 1944,bound for Randolph Field, Texas. There the selected personnel were subjected to a strict examinationmedical as well as shooting tests
  • The unit will be separated into small contingents that weredistributed to the different bases where they would receive training according to thedifferent specialties