Unknown Story

Updated: 6/29/2020
Unknown Story

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  • you must catch me that deer, oh, it is so beautiful.
  • we are married
  • how about my son is king and your son is sent away to the forest for 14 years.
  • i wanted my son to be king but i promised her i would do as she pleased
  • sita and rama left, rama's brother, lackshman, joined and they obediently stayed in the forest for many years
  • so rama and lakshman chased the deer down
  • one day
  • but this was all a trick to get sita alone and soon a holy man arrived but he was actually the ten headed ravana who wanted to take sita as his wife. he took sita to a castle on a remote island
  • rama was very upset by this and went to kill ravana with his magical spear. 14 years had passed and the kingdom was expecting to see the prince and princess how again. rama and sita found their way home by the light of the lanterns put on by the villagers