Dnd Story Slide 12
Updated: 3/22/2020
Dnd Story Slide 12

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  • Oh, so I always smash stuff?
  • I like it! It'll get us out, and when we do, we can free Rop!
  • I could freeze the bars and locks! Then Ragnar could run into it!
  • Yes, that kind of the point of being a barbarian.
  • Can I smash it?
  • We have to take Rop back to my cottage! Ragnar can pick him up, but we have to get out of here before Vile comes back! Its only a matter of time before he sees our missing stall!
  • ROP!
  • Bathwhite explained her plan, and surprisingly it sounded workable!
  • We raced up the steps and came to the gate, Bathwhite froze it and Ragnar crashed into the gate! It left a dent and soon, there was a whole big enough for all of us!
  • We came to the nearest room and found Rop on the bench, unconscious! But he didn't wake up! While Lilly warned us, Ragnar hoisted Rop up and followed us out!