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Newton's Second Law of Motion
Updated: 9/10/2020
Newton's Second Law of Motion
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  • She flips so fast! I wish I could flip like that.
  • How? I practice all day and I'm still slower!
  • The only reason she's faster is because she has less mass than you.
  • You can!
  • Hey Sierra, early you told me that I have a greater mass than Brianna. What does that mean?
  • By mass I meant you have more weight than her. Because she is so light makes it easier for her to flip so fast.
  • So I'm fat?!?!
  • Heavier?!
  • What?! NO! That's not what I said! I'm saying that you just have a little bit more meat on you that's all.
  • I mean... Juicier! You are juicer than Brianna.
  • Amy wishes she was as fast as Brianna. Sierra tells Amy she can, and even though she practices she can still be slower because of her mass.
  • I'm sorry.Finish now.
  • When you have more mass, you also need to use more force. When you use more force you can go as fast as Bri.
  • Force?
  • Hey you didn't let me finish telling you about mass yesterday.
  • Amy asks Sierra what she meant by mass and Sierra explains.
  • Remember use more force!
  • The greater the mass, the greater the force you have to use!
  • Yeah you did!!! You wanna know what all that force and mass stuff was?
  • Amy and Sierra get "into it" at the public park.
  • It's called Newton's Second Law of Motion.
  • Cool! I learn something new everyday! Thanks Sierra!
  • I did it! And I did it fast! SOOO FAST!!!
  • Sure!
  • Sierra explains to Amy what Force is.
  • Well, I think I can do that, lets try!
  • Yes, In other words, more strength.
  • Sierra is telling Amy to use more force because she has more mass.
  • Its when the greater the mass, the greater amount of force you use, and the least acceleration.
  • Sierra is telling Amy the definition of Newton's Second Law of Motion and what it is... Let's just say these girls killed it at the competition!
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