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  • Exposition
  • Rising Action/Conflict
  • You like Conrad, don't you..
  • What.. I don't know maybe I do, maybe I don't.
  • Climax
  • I love her more and you know I deserve her more thasn you, Jeremiah!
  • Conrad you have no idea what you're talking about. You're not good enough for her!
  • I have Cancer, again.. And it's spread to my Liver.
  • The book, The Summer I Turned Pretty, is set at the Cousins Beach House. Isabelle, her brother Steven and Her mom Laurel, go up there every Summer. The beach house belongs to Susannah, she has 2 kids; Conrad and Jeremiah. Both families grew up super close.
  • Falling Action
  • Although Isabelle finally gets a Boyfriend (Cam), Jeremiah (Red shirt) likes Isabelle. Cam and Isabelle break up and Jeremiah starts to like Isabelle a lot more. He questions her and asks why she doesn't like him and if she still likes Conrad. She does, but she confused with her feelings. 
  • Resolution
  • Jeremiah and Conrad get into a fist fight outside the house about how who loves Isabelle more. While they are fighting, Susannah comes out and tells them that she has Cancer again and it has spread to her liver. Jeremiah and Conrad are devistated. Conrad also goes off for a while after the fact.
  • Theme
  • Conrad finally goes back to the way he was before, not locking himself in his room and being by himself. Jeremiah and Isabelle go for one last swim before they leave. Conrad is actually willing to particapte in the activity after everything that had happened.
  • Conrad and Isabelle leave the beach house hating eachother after what happened before. Little does she know, Conrad shows up at Isabelle's house really late at night. Isabelle sneaks out to see him once her mother falls asleep. They drive and hangout together for a bit until morning.
  • The theme of this story is multiple things that are shown throughout; Romance and friendships (When Isabelle, Jeremiah and Conrad were confused with their feelings), growing up (Isabelle feels different about things now that she is 16. Also how Conrad, Steven and Jeremiah are going to college next school year), how family life can affect (When Conrad, Isabelle and Jeremiah found out Susannah had Cancer again, Conrad got away for a bit, they fought etc..)
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