Sales Tax by Veda Pasumarthi 7th grade
Updated: 5/19/2020
Sales Tax by Veda Pasumarthi 7th grade
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  • My name's Fred and I work at a restaurant as a waiter and part -time register.
  • Part of my job as being at the register requires me finding sales tax on people's meals.
  • Sales tax is the tax that people pay as an extra on things. For example, when you buy something at a grocery store, there is a tax on the item that makes you pay more than the original price.
  • Well how do you find sales tax?
  • I can't believe I'm a grown woman that forgot what sales tax was.
  • So lets say you purchased a meal that was $13.99 and the tax rate for the place you live is 8%. You convert 8% to a decimal, so 0.08 and you multiply it by 13.99, your price of the item. That would be 1.1192, but since we round to cents, your sales tax becomes $1.12. And that's how you find sales tax.
  • Thank you so much! Now I'll never forget how to find sales tax.
  • This woman is crazy. I wonder why she forgot what sales tax was. She's a grown woman Maybe even a parent.
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