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Erin Kim Comic Book
Updated: 10/13/2020
Erin Kim Comic Book
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  • Hi, my name is Nel. I was in Paleolithic Age once. Well, my ancestors did and that makes me one of them. I heard many stories. One of the stories was that they had to walk from place to place to find food and shelter. Man, I wonder how they survive and wouldn't they're feet hurt?
  • Huh, I'm tried of walking. I wish I had a larger communities.
  • Another stories that I heard was that they obtain food by hunting animal and gathering food. Listening to this story, I was thankful for that I did have to pick berries everyday
  • I hate to do this everyday. Doing the same thing over and over!
  • Maybe the last stories I heard was the one that they didn't have large communities. I wonder how they live because I think that we need more space for our communities still. Even though it is plenty large.
  • I wish we had a larger community.
  • In Paleolithic Age, People lived in cave or something that kind of looks like a tent. the tent looking thing was rough. These shelter was temporary shelters because people were nomads which means that they move a lot in order to follow animal and find new plants.
  • Hi, my name is Nick. Our live had been way easier than the Paleolithic Age. We didn't have to walk to find shelter. We just stayed in one place and had our own houses.
  • I love my life.
  • In Paleolithic Age, people obtain food by hunting animal and gathering food. They did have any dependable food supply. If they stayed in one place, they would have very few food left. Hunting was very dangerous because they might be killed by bigger animals.
  • For finding food, we didn't have any problem. We started farming and domesticating. I wonder how I survive in Paleolithic Age with these things.
  • I'm so grateful that we have plenty of food.
  • In Paleolithic Age, people had smaller communities because they didn't need large communities. Since they move place to place, they didn't need or want large communities. They just move if their food is out or they want new sources.
  • Last, but not least, there is the communities. We had large communities so we have many workers and a lot of space.
  • I love that we have larger communities so that I can run around.
  • In Neolithic Age, people use mud bricks to make house but sometimes they use stones or tree branches to make it stronger. Their houses are shaped rectangular. They climbed ladder to reached the opening of the house.
  • In Neolithic Age, people realized that they could plant seed and harvest crops. That started farming. After farming for months, farmers learn that they could domesticate animal which means that they could raise or use animals for their needs.
  • In Neolithic Age, people had larger communities because they lived in one place. They had many worker and each worker has their own separate jobs. So they have more foods, tools, and other sources. They could be more focused because they just do one job, not 6 job at once.
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