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Updated: 10/21/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Featuring: T. Jefferson, A. Hamilton, and A. Burr
  • "The Election of 1800!!!"
  • "Narrated by James Madison"
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Madison: "I guess you could say that I might be a bad narrator, since I may be a bit bias towards Jefferson, but whatever. No one else wanted to do the job, so here we are. The election of 1800 was mainly between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr. "Adams: "Hey! What about me!?" Madison: "For one, I said 'mainly', and two, you're not important yet. Everyone knows you didn't stand a chance against those two. Just let me tell the story! This is John Adams by the way. He's a little sulky since this whole Election is about throwing him off the throne. You see, Adams was the incumbent president before now."
  • John Adams
  • Aaron Burr
  • Madison: "Do I really need to write anything else? The two Political Parties had very different beliefs in which way the country should go, which led to heated disagreements and eventually fights."Jefferson: "Which I always won."Madison: "Shut up man! I'm trying to tell a story!"
  • Madison: "Jefferson and Burr were very different."Burr: "You can say that again"Madison: "Sshhh"
  • Thomas Jefferson1. Democratic-Republican
  • Aaron Burr1. Federalist
  • Madison: "Many arguments took place here, in Congress, and it was a very tiring affair."John Marshal: "Okay, Okay, that's enough for today. Now if you would be so kind as to excuse the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, he's going to go watch some television."Madison: "How many times John! That's not your line! Television hasn't even been invented yet, whatever that is! Now say your real line!!!!"Marshal: "Fine. Jefferson, that was an interesting argument. It is officially break time, so I'm going to go eat a sleeve of Oreos."Madison: "MARSHAL!!! I SAID NOTHING FROM THE FUTURE!!!"
  • Madison: "The number of votes each candidate got was incredibly close. Jefferson received 73 votes, Burr received 73 votes, and Adams, 65. The Electoral College voted of course, but it took many re-casting of the ballots to find the winner. Adams was out of the running of course, so it was down to Burr and Jefferson. Alexander Hamilton was the one who turned the tide. In the end, he convinced 6 people to vote for Jefferson instead of Burr, even though he never agreed with him once. He believed Jefferson was more fitting for the job than Burr. Jefferson was inaugurated on March 4, 1801.
  • The End