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Unknown Story
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  • But I can't pay you
  • You look a bit of a wrestler yourself, I want to work for you.
  • If you can cook, then may be I can feed you.
  • Can you feed me?
  • One day, Anil came with a bundle of notes and told Hari that he had sold a book to publisher. At night he kept the money safely under the mattress of his bed .
  • I had been working for Anil for a month and, apart from cheating on the shopping , had not done anything in my line of work.
  • This story is about a young boy, Hari Sing who makes friends with Anil. Anil trusts him completely and employs him
  • The trust prevented him from robbing Anil as Hari thought that robbing a careless person like Anil didn't make much differences because he might not even notice that he had been robbed and that took out all fun from work.
  • Anil took Hari to his room over the Jumna Sweet Shop and gave a space on the balcony to sleep. The meal Hari cooked that night was terrible because Anil gave it to a stray dog and told him to be off. Anil told him, he would teach to cook, to write whole sentences and to add numbers.
  • In my short career as a thief, i had made a study of men's faces when they had lost their goods. The greedy man showed fear; the rich man showed anger; the poor showed acceptance .
  • Hari realized that he had been working for more than a month and he had not stolen anything apart from the 1 rupee that he kept everyday from the grocery money. He was surprised with the amount of trust Anil had on him as he had never seen such a trusting person in his life.
  • He steals the money and decides to leave the city by Lucknow Express that departed at 10:30. when he reached the station,the train had slowly started moving from the platform. But he hesitated and he himself didn't know the reason.
  • After the train had left , Hari was all alone at the train station . He was left with no place to sleep at night. The only person he knew was Anil and he had looted him as well. He sat on a bench in a park and as it started to rain. Then he realized that the notes had got wet. He realized that learning how to read and write would help him to get a much more respectable and honest job which would pay him much more less than these few hundred rupees
  • I know that Anil will show only a touch of sadness .Not for the loss of money, but for the loss of trust.
  • He headed back to the room and placed the money back. Next morning he woke up a bit late and Anil had already made his tea.Anil gave a RS.50 note and promised him that he would be paid regularly. Hari took the notes in his hands and realized that the notes were wet.Hari realized that Anil had come to know about his misdeeds but there was no sadness,anger or guilt in his mind.
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