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Updated: 3/24/2020
Unknown Story

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  • wassup luke
  • whats good, bro aye i got a lil sum sum
  • bet lets go on the roof of the parking lot
  • alright dude it smacks so just trust were meeting up with quincy and randal
  • 30 min later.....
  • aye so luke so what u cop??
  • I have a juul dude it smacks hard try it
  • wow wow what are you doing
  • wow wow wow
  • guys its just nicotine
  • dude nictotine doesnt get you high that shit kills ur brain!!
  • WHAAT?! what what really?
  • shits ass dont do it
  • damn alright I didnt know wow nicotines that bad and I didnt noticed thats crazy